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Dr. Nimrod Israely

IBMAT Conference Director & Founder/CEO, Dream Valley Global 

Using advanced models, technologies, and hands-on experience, I am here to help non-developed economies transfer from agriculture to agro-industry and smallholders from poverty to prosperity. As the founder and CEO of Biofeed and Dream Valley and now also as the Director and Chairman of the IBMA conference, I promote these goals.


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Professor Ikechi Agbugba

Chairman of the Scientific Committee

Professor Ikechi Agbugba wears a number of hats. He is an agribusiness activist, university professor, food security expert, EUTECH advocate, SOAD roving ambassador and senior advisor in various international networking organizations. He is connected to diverse networks in the education, business and technology spaces around the world. As Chairman of the Scientific Committee at IBMA 2023, he comes to bridge the gaps between the academia, research and international community, to drive transformation for the achievement of long-term sustainable development through knowledge transfer, in accordance with SDGs and the objectives of the Paris Agreement (supplementary section 4).


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Francis C. Bosah

Founder/CEO, Health of the Soil International

Francis Bosah is a Pan-African Soil Health Advocate/Regenerative Agriculture Solutionary and Consultant. He works assiduously to catalyse the modern breakthrough understanding/knowledge of the soil biology that will essentially champion the paradigm shift needed to harness the new farming logic and tools for the restoration/rebuilding of the structure, microbial life, nutrient density, and overall carbon levels of the African soils.


Through his work, Francis essentially helps farmers to connect the Life-in-the-Soil (soil food web) Approach and Regenerative Agriculture Paradigm solutions to the critical food systems challenges, with demonstrable profits of over 150%-200%."

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Dan Kittredge

Founder and Executive Director of the Bionutrient Food Association (BFA)

Dan Kittredge has been a regenerative (organic) farmer for more than 30 years and is the founder and executive director of the Bionutrient Food Association (BFA), a non-profit whose mission is to “increase quality in the food supply.” Known as one of the leading proponents of “nutrient density,” Dan works to demonstrate the connections between soil health, plant health, and human health. Out of these efforts was born the Real Food Campaign, now the Bionutrient Institute, which has engineered a prototype of a hand-held consumer spectrometer designed to test nutrient density at point of purchase. Via the Bionutrient Meter, the goal is to empower consumers to choose for nutrient quality and thereby leverage economic incentives to drive full system regeneration.

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Prof Data Irene Ekine

PhD Agricultural Economics (Univ of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)

MSc Agricultural Economics, (Univ of Ibadan, Nigeria) 

BSc Agricultural Economics (Univ of Ibadan, Nigeria)

Prof Ekine is the current Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, Rivers State University, Nigeria. Interestingly, she is the first female dean of the faculty and first female head, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics of the University. She is a full professor of Agricultural Economics and her area of specialization is Farm Management, Production Economics & Agricultural Marketing. Aside her lecturer, researcher and consultancy roles, she has carried-out several consultancy projects with Shell Petroleum Development Company (Women’s Programme East) and National FADAMA Development Programme (a World Bank-Assisted Programme in Rivers State, Nigeria. Furthermore, she has championed projects on a Baseline survey of the activities of the multinational company (SPDC) on women in the areas of operation in Rivers State. She has featured in international conferences and published in local and international journals with her works visibly captured on google scholar. She has supervised over 25 PhDs, 60 MSc and 200 BSc students of Agricultural Economics, Development Studies and International Economics. She was former Director of the Rivers State Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (RIART), Port Harcourt. More so, she is a member of the Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists (NAAE), Farm Management Association of Nigeria (FAMAN), Agricultural Society of Nigeria (ASN) and Association of Deans of Faculties of Agriculture, Nigeria (ADAN), to mention a few.


E mail;


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Chilekwa Banda

Managing Director of Post Dot Net Zambia

Chilekwa Banda is a seasoned Digital Financial Services professional from Lusaka, Zambia, with 15 years experience in the Digital Financial Technology industry. As Managing Director of Post Dot Net Zambia,a Payments Services company, regulated by the Central bank of Zambia to facilitate mobile money transfers, both domestic and international remittances and courier services, she oversees the day to day operations and management of the business .

Chilekwa is an avid advocate for technology, having worked with renowned companies such as Flutterwave, UBA Bank, Airtel, Luno and Zoona, and has been recognized as a subject matter expert and thought leader having hosted a show called Fintech, on one of the local radio stations in Zambia amidst the Covid -19 pandemic.


Through her experience in Field Research and working closely with consumers, Chilekwa understands the impact of human centred approach to drive education across markets and how this increases awareness effectively promoting the financial inclusion agenda. 


She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computing and Information Technology from the London Metropolitan University in the U.K where she also obtained a Roll of Honor Award as the best student in her cohort. She has several digital financial services certifications such as the Certificate in Digital Money, Mobile Money Markets & Product Development obtained through the Digital Finance Institute.

She is also the interim Chairperson of the Association for Digital Finance Practitioners in Zambia, which was founded on the basic principle of providing a platform for progressive evolution and development of the DFS industry. 

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Njieforti Princewill Gana

Agricultural Consultant and Founder of Sustain Afric

Njieforti Princewill Gana is a 26-year born in Mamfe, Southwest Region of Cameroon, as a child he grew up in a village called Okoyong with his mother and grandmother. His mother was farmer who had to grow cassava, beans and other crops to feed him and his siblings. At an early age he had seen the sufferings his parents were going through so, He decided one day he will change that.


He was able to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture/Crop Production at the Prestigious University of Buea, after graduating he volunteered with several organization where he continued his selfless path in contributing to the development of his community. Fortunately, in 2016 he had his first job as the Agricultural Project manager for A Non-Profit organization called Youth Project Africa, where he designed and implemented different projects that saw the empowerment of hundreds of youths in Cameroon. In 2019 he founded a Non-Profit organization Called Sustain Afric this was when he lost his aunt to Cancer; He decided to create an organization that would teach farmers how to farm more sustainably so they can will not only make profit but they would produce food good for human consumption and protect their soils and environment.


Njieforti Princewill Gana is an Agricultural Consultant, Trainer, Public Speaker, and Social Entrepreneur with eight years of experience leading the executive team of Sustain Africa Non-Government organization aimed at promoting sustainable agriculture across Africa to ensure food security, foster the development of the Agricultural Sector. Through this organization More than 5000 farmers have been trained and empowered on different agricultural projects like Plantain Propagation and multiplication, snail farming, mushroom farming, Cassava, Plantain and sweet potato flour transformation, Cooperative formation, Entrepreneurship etc.

He runs an Agricultural Consultancy Organization. Sustain Afric consulting. Through the consulting more than 100 farms have been developed like A 50,000 capacity snail farm in Mutengene, 20,000 capacity fish farm Tiko, 1 million capacity snail farm Tiko, More than 60 hectares plantain farms in Souza, loum etc 

As a Public Speaker, he has been invited to more 30 workshops and events to speak to farmers, youths, and different stakeholders in the agricultural sector. He is also mentoring many young students and graduates who are interested in engaging in Agriprenuership as he encourages them to believe and themselves and be the leaders of tomorrow.

He recently won the CMPJ program under the Ministry of Youth Empowerment and Civic Education Cameroon in the transformation of Cassava flour. 

He is an advocate as he criticizes the work of the food and agriculture ,the world food program and other international organizations as he thinks very little has been done to build resilient and self-sufficient communities , as he believes aid is not the solution Africa needs but Developmental projects like the Construction of farm to market roads, designing good policies, Complete transformation of the food system, Setting up of price floor and ceilings, regulating the activities of middle men. He has also been encouraging the youths to engage in agriculture as he believes it has the potential to create 12 million jobs yearly and ensure food security for all.


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Okama Ekpe Brook

Development Expart, CEO of Access Africa Inc.and Founder of ACHA Multipurpose Cooperative Society

Okama Ekpe Brook is a conscious heartist, development expert, business woman, cultural creative, speaker, author, researcher, insurance professional and investor. She is the founder, and president of Africa Caribbean Heritage Alliance; CEO of Access Africa Inc.; founder of ACHA Multipurpose Cooperative Society; co-founder of Vetha Center for Transdiciplinary Studies; vice president of Caribbean Studies Association; co founder of JOBO Destinations; board member of YESS; vision partner of Lifestyle Asset Hub, independent agent of Combined, a Chubb company; owner and CEO of Okamabdq, Inc.; researcher at University of Alberta, recruitment agent at University of the Commonwealth Caribbean and independent consultant on sustainable and inclusive socio-economic, cultural, environmental and innovative solutions targeted at indigenous peoples, people living with disabilities, women and youth.

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Prof. Dr. Gudrun Frank 

Internationally experienced​ Expert for Professionalism, Education, Competence and Organisational Development

Prof. Dr. Gudrun Frank is a German mechanical engineer, an occupational scientist and a factory planner who knows her trade from the manufacturing halls on up and into to the management boardrooms. She is the founder and CEO of exprobico – The experts for career, training, and competence (Germany) and the African Virtual Bridging School (South Africa). Gudrun's experiences as an international consultant in HR matters inspired her to develop an innovative competence measurement process. As honorary professor Gudrun lectures in different Master courses. In 2020 she starts the work with NGO´s in Africa, especially Ghana and South Africa.


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Tobias Strijker

Research Agronomist (Arava R&D Center), Educator (Arava International Center for Agriculture Studies – AICAT)

Tobias Strijker is a research agronomist with many years of international hands-on experience in greenhouse vegetable and plantation production systems using the latest agriculture technology. His main drive is to contribute to sustainable agriculture and food security by combining research and education.


A skilled multilingual, cross-cultural team leader, he has worked in agriculture since his teenage years. Backed by a college degree in greenhouse management and vegetable production, he has managed several companies sized 7 hectares and employing over 40 staff. He holds a bachelor of science degree in horticulture and business management from the HAS University of Applied Sciences and is finishing his master of science degree in plant breeding from Wageningen University in the Netherlands.


His thorough understanding and expertise start at farm level and run through the supply chain into academics. He is passionate about equipping the new generation of agricultural graduate students with the tools needed to become successful smallholder farmers. He has coordinated and educated over 300 students from African and Asian countries in collaboration with their study programs, local farmers, and R&D institutes.


Tobias Strijker will speak about the role of academia and research in promoting agriculture for smallholder farmers.

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Ambassodor Davisha L. Johnson

H.E. Davisha L Johnson is the CEO of the African Diaspora Collective Group (ADCG) and Ambassador to the United States of America for the African Diaspora Collective USA (ADC-USA)

H.E. Davisha L Johnson is the CEO of the African Diaspora Collective Group (ADCG) and the Ambassador to the United States of America for the African Diaspora Collective USA (ADC-USA) CEO of D.L. Johnson Consulting Agency, a political consulting and brand management firm, 2020 Top 40 Under 40 Winner from the American Association of Political Consultants, event planner for Senator Bernie Sanders 2020 Presidential campaign, former Chief of Staff to Georgia State House Representative Sandra G. Scott, creator of the Ghana Investment Tour, creator of the Global African History Honors celebrating African people globally, Global Ambassador to Ghana for the Global African Business Association, organizer of the NBCSL-AFRICA flagship program with the Republic of Ghana, Co-Founder of Partner With Africa focused on the AfCFTA and diaspora engagement in business in Africa, founder of the African Women in Agriculture Alliance (AWIAA), President of the Cooperative Executive Management Team (CEMT), a farm management services company focused on black farmers globally and has a passion for women and girls, youth job creation and agriculture.


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Marcos RG Brandalise (MRGB)

Founder & Group C.E.O
BrazAfric Group of Companies - BGC

Marcos RG Brandalise (MRGB) is a Brazilian residing in Africa for the past 34 years and founder of the BrazAfric Group of Companies (BGC). 


BGC has over 25 years of uninterrupted performance, with offices in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, with partnerships in Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Burundi, and is now building new partnerships in other African countries. 


BrazAfric's main line of business is to provide agricultural equipment ranging from soil preparation (pre-harvesting equipment) to food processing factories (post-harvest equipment - value addition). 


MRGB and BGC have developed a number of projects to improve food production in Africa over the years. As a result, LEAF Africa was established to carry out such projects. 

LEAF Africa was founded to develop and explore opportunities in Africa's agriculture and livestock sectors. So far (more to come), two major programs have been developed: 


1. ForestFoods (FFs) - Focus on premium food production, distribution, and marketing using the Syntrophic Agroforestry approach. Two pilots are already in operation, and a third is on its way to the Nairobi area. No chemicals or synthetic fertilizers are used to produce nutritious food. 


2. Bulk Grain Production Project (BGP) - Aims to produce food on a large scale, largely based on the success of Brazilian agribusiness and utilizing the most recent developments in tropical agriculture, particularly with an emphasis on the environment, the replacement of chemicals and synthetic fertilizers, and full mechanization.

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