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The International Conference on Business Models in Agriculture

March 25 – 28 2024, Kigali Convention Centre

Join the Transformation: IBMA 2024

In 175 non-developed nations, 40% endure <$2/day, their livelihoods tied to agriculture. But the struggle continues. The need for change is undeniable.


The key lies in dedicated business models that unlock the potential of agro-technologies, funds, and resources. That's why we invite you to the groundbreaking 2nd International Conference on Business Models in Agriculture (IBMA) 2024. This event marks a historic leap forward for agriculture in non-developed economies.


At IBMA 2024, you'll join a movement transcending charity and exploitation. Your presence and insights will contribute to fostering effective business models that drive prosperity, addressing pressing issues like investment, agro-industrialization, regenerative agriculture, and women and youth empowerment.

By participating, you plant the seeds of change and sow the future of organized-prosperous rural communities. Your legacy will be one of transformation from the despair of poverty to the promise of a thriving agricultural sector.


Join us in Kigali, Rwanda, from March 25th to 28th, 2024. Together, we'll shape the future of agriculture, fostering sustainable change and moving from solitary individuals to empowered, prosperous communities.


Your presence matters. Let's sow the seeds of prosperity together.


See you in Kigali,


Dr. Nimrod Israely

About IBMA 2024

Theme: Reshaping Agribusiness Models for Building Prosperous Rural Communities


In response to non-developed economies' pressing challenges, we proudly introduce the 2nd International Conference on Business Models in Agriculture (IBMA) 2024. This pioneering event is a pivotal platform for open dialogue and exchanging groundbreaking ideas to catalyse rapid and meaningful change in these economies' agriculture sectors.


Guided by the principles of an open lab and disruptive business models, IBMA 2024 is dedicated to fostering the essential transformations these economies' agriculture urgently requires. By bringing together minds from around the world, we aim to create an environment that fuels significant advancements in the agriculture sector, moving us from the isolation of poverty to the cohesion of prosperity.



Organised by the Africa Organization of Technology in Agriculture (AOTA) and the University of Rwanda, IBMA 2024 is supported by the Rwanda's Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) and by the Rwanda Convention Bureau (RCB), among other partners. This prestigious event is scheduled to be held at the esteemed Kigali Convention Centre from March 25th to 28th, 2024.

The conference will unite a diverse assembly of more than 600 participants, including prominent government officials, respected academic experts in business and agriculture, leading Agritech enterprises, innovative researchers, NGOs committed to change in the agriculture sector, dedicated farmers and farmer's leaders, forward-thinking investors, dynamic entrepreneurs, and ambitious startups.


IBMA 2024 offers a unique opportunity to actively contribute to a transformational shift that redirects the trajectory of struggling economies towards organised and prosperous agricultural communities. Through collaboration, innovation, and shared commitment, we aim to rewrite the narrative of poverty into one of empowerment and self-sufficiency in agriculture.


Join us at IBMA 2024 as we collectively usher in a new era of change -- from a solitary struggle to organised - prosperous agricultural rural communities. See you in Kigali.


Small holders prosperity

and food security


Rapid increase in

smallholders income


National and International

multi-discipline collaboration

Disruptive Innovation

Novel business models to generate rapid economic growth


We have the power and responsibility to change and shape our future

IBMA Pillars

The Speakers


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